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About Me

As an executive coach, leader, and theater practitioner, it has been my mission to help individuals, executives and teams maximize potential as creators and communicators of the spoken word. 


My career as an executive coach began in 2001 at the Tony Award Winning Dallas Theatre Center, where I launched the Artful Leadership Series. Since that time, I have coached hundreds of individuals and leaders from a wide range of industries and companies including:  NVIDIA, Schneider Electric, Cisco, Adobe, Caterpillar, Mux, The Golden State Warriors, Valmont, Genentech, L'Occitane and State Farm.  I have also worked with writers, actors, entrepreneurs, and politicians, helping them bring their ideas to life through theater based practices designed to realize potential.   

In addition to my work as a coach, I am an award winning professor, arts leader and professional theatre director.  In 2018, I was named an associate artist for the Prague Shakespeare Company, directing and teaching actors from all over the world.  

I hold a BA in Drama from the University of Southern California and MFA in Acting from the University of California, Davis, where I taught acting for ten years and trained acting teachers.  My education and experience, collaborating alongside the world's best coaches, have inspired me to adopt an approach to coaching that leverages strengths while exploring areas for development.

I am committed to helping individuals achieve meaningful progress and realize their full potential. With my diverse background in coaching, leadership, teaching, and theater, I offer unique insights to guide clients toward their personal and professional goals. 

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